Simply to feel good in.

Don't let your life be guided by where you live – but how you would like to live. Nolte kitchens in modern country style create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere that simply makes your kitchen the natural centre of your life.

Windsor Lack Black

The country house style of today is progressive

with contemporary details and intensive
Nostalgic wall cabinets
with a glass front are given a completely
new look with the trendy colour black.
Matching: the new steel shelf systems.
They express individuality and extravagance,
yet contribute to an open, homely
atmosphere – the ideal addition to a
nostalgic WINDSOR LACK. Tradition
interpreted in a modern way.

Frame Lack lava/ rose hip

Cosy, uncomplicated and with a modern twist – that
is the country style kitchen of today. Frame fronts,
display units and a kitchen block with a granite
worktop create a nostalgic country flair that is given a
contemporary interpretation in a colour concept with
plenty of contrasts: while the basics are monochrome
in black, white and grey, individual splashes of colour
add fresh accents, such as a sideboard or a free
standing cupboard combination in bright shades.




All mixed up
A colourful sideboard brings life and variety into the
kitchen. By echoing the colours and handles of the
kitchen fronts it also creates a harmonious overall

Frame Lack papyrus grey/ blueberry


Right in the middle of things with the bar top

Want to enjoy a cosy atmosphere cooking together
with friends in the evening? Help the children with
their homework while the soup is on the hob? Or
simply take a break? The bar top give you lots of
new possibilities to really enjoy your own kitchen.





Impressive deep effect
Sometimes more is less. Our extra deep pull outs
provide 32 percent more storage space and
therefore fewer space issues, less chaos and simply
less stress in the kitchen.







Would you prefer a less conventional design? Let our modern kitchens inspire you!

Looking for a more spacious solution? Take a look at our open-plan kitchens.



Artwood walnut cuba/ Feel white

A modern combination of white and wood
with homely details that make more of the
kitchen than just a place to cook.







Light can calm us or lift the spirits and is an important
factor for our well-being. At the same time, enough light
is required to work in the kitchen. We create the perfect
combination of emotion and function with our lighting

Linea papyrus grey

KitchenThe right seating cannot be missing when the
kitchen replaces the living room as the central living
space. Big tables create enough space for animated
conversations and the benches provide a relaxed
seating arrangement. An invitation to stay a while.






A modern country kitchen with
decorative grooves in
harmonious colours for a relaxed


Carisma Lack white/ papyrus grey/ emerald

Individualists live here. The kitchen? An authentic
living space that matches their very personal
lifestyle. Uniquely designed, this kitchen adapts
entirely to the occupants´ needs and requirements
– with plenty of storage space for all the favourite
items that are collected over the course of a
lifetime, and multifunctional furniture that is
creatively given a new purpose.





Personal comfort zone
Nolte kitchens makes it easy to adjust the carcase
height to the user´s requirements. For instance, a
raised dishwasher makes it easier to load and
remove the contents.