Welcome to the here and now.

Tidy, clearly structured, up to date: your kitchen is a true reflection of your lifestyle. Individually styled down to every last detail, it impresses with an attractive interplay of material and colour – and a contemporary, high level of functionality.

Portland anthracite/ Corona arctic white

On one hand: The PORTLAND in cement
anthracite. The unique, real cement
surface offers a unique haptic experience
– an expression of strength and reliability.
Each front is manufactured by hand and
is therefore one of a kind.






On the other
hand: the CORONA in high-gloss white.
With an extremely smooth and shiny surface,
the glass laminate creates exciting

Portland agate grey/ Legno oak marone/ Nova Lach quarz grey

A broad spectrum for planning your
kitchen is at your disposal with matching
decors such as PORTLAND, STONE







However, less is more only applies to
our concealment door cabinets at first
glance. Closed, like in the new colour
NOVA LACK quartz grey, they create
a tidy living space with a sophisticated
design. Opened, however, they offer a
range of options and a functional workstation

Soft Lack Arctic white/ Quarz grey

Mat lacquered fronts in combination with a glass
worktop are the key feature in a calm, urban look that
underscores the airy openness of the room. Clever
storage solutions create order, and create a tidy,
calming atmosphere.






Perfect inside and outside
A glimpse behind the scenes does not need to hode any
surprises. We don´t compromise inside the carcase
either when it comes to finishing and design. The
selected finish continues here. For a homogenous
overall look that makes an impression.

Soft Lack black/ Artwood rustic wild oak

This is just right. SOFT LACK forms the
perfect frame for rustic wild oak.








The simple, mat black of the real lacquered
surface lifts the beautiful texture and warm
colour of the wooden decor particularly
well and thus stages the entire kitchen
aesthetically and perfectly. The reduced
design cleverly concentrates on what is
important – even purists will be enthusiastic.

Carisma Lack Deep blue/ Legno oak truffle

Nothing influences the optical impact
and a room’s atmosphere more than
colour. It expresses individuality and
makes a kitchen unique. Nolte Küchen’s
matt lacquer concept forms the most
diverse worlds of colour from bright to
dark, and from warm to cold, so that
there will be something to suit every
taste. New trendy colours were added
once again this year, which reflect the
contemporary Zeitgeist.



Conceales table extraction hood:
only visible when you need it.

Nova Lack White/ Nature Cognac oak

The perfect companion to the elegant interior of
the living room, this kitchen is puristic, but with its
clever details also creates a comfortable ambience.
The handleless fronts of MATRIXART blend
beautifully with the exclusivity of the Penthouse,
and are further enhanced by elegant lighting






Special single items – such as an unusual open wall
shelf unit – create an exciting counterpart, and add
personality to the room. A place you‘ll be happy to
spend a little time in ... or a lot..

Nappa brazilian brown

The structure feels slightly velvety and
the eye also confirms the impression
of leather – yet this is an illusion. Our
new NAPPA front ably fools the senses
and conveys a touch of luxury with this
unusual surface.






The finish in brazilian
brown harmonises particularly well with
the new brown anodised handles and
the slim, very elegant 12 mm solid core
worktops, which are available in black,
white and stainless-steel look

Nappa Inca gold/ Nature mocha oak

Anyone who likes elegant and sophisticated,
who loves exclusive materials and
is looking for the special and extraordinary,
will find the right choice in the
combination of NAPPA inca gold with
NATURAL mocha oak in real wood. The
harmonious combination of warm tones
underlines the leather character of the
surface structure and creates flair that
is wholly unique and stylish.



The special
technical highlight: the combination with
the new premium line pull-out system
for fully functional drawer units makes
it possible to fit them even underneath
induction hobs set in 12 mm worktops.

Legno oak truffle/ Nova Lack deep blue

Oak truffle with its elegant wood surfaces makes
this kitchen into a real eye-catcher.








Want to change the kitchen into a tidy living space?
It doesn‘t take more than a few seconds thanks to
the elegant concealment doors. When opened the
doors disappear between the cabinets and reveal
the electrical appliances inside.