The world is changing –
and the kitchen with it.

nolte neo is a visionary concept that redesigns our life in the kitchen. Progressive design, innovative use of space, flexible modules that accomodate our individual requirements.

neo Loft

In London and New York City, vacant warehouses and industrial buildings were converted into apartments after the 1940s. 
The loft was born. 
nolte neo Loft makes direct reference to the urbanity, free spur-of-the-moment design and open nature of this form of living.

Island Modules

All island modules of the nolte neo Loft range have a 900 mm high carcase in the standard grid size MATRIX 150. It not only offers 20% more storage space, but is also the perfect combination of ergonomics and design. The graphic motif of the digital
printed fronts continues on all sides of the island, undisturbed by handles - the units open by gently pressing against the front. A basic complement of non-slip mats, cutlery organizers, plate holders and boxes is already included


The worktop is made from extremely robust solid material just 12 mm thick of the kind normally used in facade construction. It stands out through its extremely fine appearance, the black core emphasizing the contours. In addition, it can meet all the stresses encountered in everyday life in the kitchen.


Sink, dishwasher and waste separation system are at home in the Waterzone modules. In combination with the 12 mm solid core worktop, the all-round drawer fronts in stainless steel-look stand apart from the remaining soft mat lacquered black fronts with transparent perforated plate accents. Here too, the 900 mm carcase makes for perfect ergonomics and maximum storage space – as a result, there is even space for a complete drawer above the dishwasher. In addition to a flush-mounted stainless steel designer sink with black fittings and a waste separation system, non-slip mats and interior organizers are already included.

Lader Modules

It goes without saying that nolte neo Loft also includes larder modules and appliance modules for an ergonomically raised oven. With their soft mat lacquered black fronts and transparent perforated plate accents, as well as the free-standing side-by-side fridge, they complement the world of nolte neo Loft perfectly.

neo Chalet

“Chalet” is derived from the Latin word “cala” meaning “a safe (protected) place”. The original meaning: “Alpine hut”. nolte neo Chalet re-interprets the style and original materials of this form of living – and translates both into the kitchen.

Coherent World

A genuine ethanol oven brings warmth and homeliness. An open shelf unit adds an unusual touch through its vertical partitioning. Oak cognac veneer in combination with the rough charm of grooved dark CHALET oak mocha. All these elements from nolte neo Chalet are more than just the sum of their individual parts: they form a self-contained world.


The Workstation module has a 50 mm thick granite worktop and drawer front in oak cognac veneer. The same wood tone is also used for the recess panelling and wall shelf. As a result, the module forms an interesting contrast to the remaining genuine wood CHALET fronts in grooved oak mocha. The leather loop on the drawers adds the finishing touch to a perfect composition.

Art Display

Art Display is a display unit for both aesthetic and practical objects and a living room item rather than a kitchen element.
It makes for a smooth transition from the kitchen to the increasingly important living area in times of open-plan kitchen-cumliving rooms. Available in three colour versions, it moulds perfectly to every living room style.

Rough Cut

The Rough Cut surface of grooved CHALET oak mocha highlights the genuine wood nature of the front in particular. Matching side claddings let the island appear to be cast in one. The cosy dining area with matching bookshelves ideally complements this world, accentuated by the indirect LED lighting.

neo Salon

Salon is not a purely spatial term. It is
both a place – a large room or meeting
place – and a cultural event. nolte neo
Salon reflects both aspects and reproduces them in great detail. The kitchen as the centre of opportunity.



More like a library than a kitchen: the open shelf element of modular panels blends harmoniously with the cabinet elements in Kansas oak with Pattern fronts with an additional glass module in between. nolte neo Salon lets you design the transition from the kitchen to the dining and living area exactly as you wish!

Island Module

The island modules in nolte neo Salon also feature the 900 mm high carcase ensuring a perfect combination of storage space, ergonomics and design. The fronts consist of genuine glass mirrors with a recessed handle trim in polished chrome to ensure a perfectly undisturbed look. The 12 mm thick genuine glass white worktop assures the high value of the materials. A basic complement of non-slip mats, cutlery organizers, plate holders and boxes is already included.

Larder Units and Aappliance Housings

Larder units and appliance housings have digital printed doors in Pattern motif that harmonizes outstandingly with the carcase in Kansas oak. Use of the Kansas Oak interior decor inside the units ensures that a consummate overall picture is produced.