experience. nolte küchen In-house fair 2016

More kitchen living, great choice

The innovations for 2017

Löhne, 17 September 2016. experience. nolte küchen“ – this is Nolte Küchen’s new products for 2017 in a nutshell. Innovations and specific additions to door fronts and surfaces cater for price-conscious and design oriented customers alike and also create new environments for kitchen living. A combination of genuine materials and realistic reproductions results in a large choice. The company rounds off its collection with a new drawer concept and carefully matched interior fittings.

CEO Eckhard Wefing says it is the multidimensional character of the innovations that makes it possible to approach the product from different angles and explains this with door fronts as an example: “Customers are enthusiastic about natural materials. This does not only include wood. Stone, cement, glass and leather are in equally high demand right now because they turn the kitchen into a living space with an individual touch. However, these natural materials come at a certain cost. We tackle this aspect by offering alternatives in addition to the “real” surfaces. Via different material properties with an authentic look and feel we also reach those customers who appreciate a realistic impression and pay attention to budget when buying a kitchen.”

Original or reproduction

Colours and surface texture are the defining elements with the freshly launched door ranges. PORTLAND is a new arrival among the genuine materials. A manually applied layer of cement in either Agate Grey or Anthracite offers a singular surface feel. It makes each front unique and the right choice for customers with very high standards and a preference for purist design. Nolte Küchen provides a respective reproduction with door range STONE. This has been enhanced with two additions, Copper Oxide and Concrete, and is an alternative to the genuine material.

Through door range NAPPA Nolte Küchen redefines kitchen living with a touch of luxury. Its realistic surface in either Inca Gold or Brazilian Brown is almost indistinguishable from genuine leather. This goes for both the look and the feel of the door fronts.

CORONA with its high-gloss glass laminate surface and realistic edge is an ideal alternative to the GLAS TEC PLUS door range with a sheet of real glass. The new decor will be available in Arctic White, Papyrus Grey and Quartz Grey.

More scope through new colours

The successful Matt Lacquer Concept has been expanded by trend colours Black and Deep Blue. This brings the total choice of colours to 18. In combination with the four door options SOFT LACK, CARISMA LACK, FRAME LACK and WINDSOR LACK this also means more design freedom in the various styles.

In addition to this, Nolte Küchen has added trend colours to successful door ranges. NOVA LACK is now going to be available in Quartz Grey. Colours Arctic White, Ocean Blue and Rosso have joined the FEEL and LUX ranges, with the further addition of natural shade Lava and trend colour Black in the case of FEEL. This means that the essential palette is now also virtually covered by matt (FEEL) and high-gloss (LUX) lacquered laminate.

Completely handle-less and with new interior

The 2017 season also sees the further development of Matrix900. With MatrixArt900 Nolte Küchen achieves a smooth transition between the kitchen and the living area. Even more emphasis is placed on design in this new, now handle-free variant of the 900mm base unit complete with increased ergonomics and storage. Here, benefit and aesthetics ideally complement each other.

Quite a bit has happened inside the units too. After 16 years new drawer system PremiumLINE replaces the ComfortLine pull-outs. While retaining the proven quality exclusivity is added via a new stainless steel look. With three alternatives – from the appealing basic model to PremiumLINE BOX with its closed sides for maximum storage and PremiumLINE GLAS, the version enhanced with glass – this is also all about choice.

The perfect use of storage space is provided through new interior organisation that is carefully matched to the drawer system. Customers can choose between synthetic material and various real wood alternatives, ranging from beech to ash and oak.

The right choice for everyone

With the innovations for 2017 Nolte Küchen proves that a high standard and comfort can be realised throughout the price groups. Alternative surface materials and options for the interior fittings allow customers to customise their dream kitchen. This way nothing is left to be desired.

The 2017 designs for kitchen living can be viewed at Nolte Küchen’s Information and Exhibition Centre up until September 23rd. The inhouse-fair under the motto „see. touch. feel. experience. nolte küchen“ is open to trade visitors daily from 9am. Members of the press are also cordially invited.


Press Contact:

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